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  The lithium Iron oxalate and Iron phosphate manufactured by Hubei GaoBo New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd use the wastes from the automobile industry as raw material, adopt ultrapure ferric salt, oxalate or phosphate solutions, stabilize the generated sediments under the advanced PLC auto-control and precise dosing system and applies multistage-separation technology to remove the metal and non-metal impurities of the products. It regulates and control the work site by strictly following the highest automobile industry standard ISO/TS16949, ensures the product quality and performance and reaches up to the top international level. The company also severely abides ISO/IEC17025 Laboratory Certificate Requirements and improves the product inspection system. It is also able to make special productions according to clients’ requirements and satisfy their different demands. The lithium Iron oxalate and Iron phosphate manufactured by our company is the optimal precursor material as the cathode material of the automobile lithium ion batteries and energy storage batteries.

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