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The leading global supplier of power battery positive precursor materials!
  Hubei Gaobo technology co., LTD. Of the lithium iron phosphate precursor and ferromanganese lithium phosphate precursor is to use organic catalytic process, one step synthesis.In the process of production, not the introduction of sulfate and ammonia, and because of that, the process of products completely accord with environmental protection requirements, does not exist a large number of water washing and ammonium sulfate, emissions.Company production process adopts advanced PLC automatic control and precise batching system, product batch, built in the slurry when group, to the finished product packing is strict and slurry batch corresponding.So the uniformity and stability of product quality.Metal and nonmetal impurity in the products is extremely low, and in strict accordance with ISO/TS16949 automobile industry with the highest standard specification control production site, to ensure product quality stability, superior performance, reached the international first-class level, according to the requirements of ISO/IEC17025 laboratory accreditation standard product testing system.


Iron phosphate(I)

Iron phosphate(II)

Iron phosphate(III)

Li+C/Iron phosphat

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